terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Eternal Flame (01/06/2010)

You're myself on perfection,
You're scent calls my name
Every time I close my eyes.

Open up to me...
I see you in my mind
I want you to reveal yourself to me.

This will never be over.

I see the fire in your eyes.
I watch them burn
I feel the desire of getting inside
Because I know,
You won't harm me…
Inside, there's only warm love...

I’m damaged each time you’re far away…

Even in my dreams
You take the breath right out of me,
I want to sacrifice myself
I will put my soul in a jar
And you'll take it with you…

If you want to leave me,
Drop it into the ocean,
And I will be forever lost in the sea.

I you want to keep me,
Guard it well,
Because this flame I have inside
Won't crack.
You are the one.

So, let's march together
This long road life is.
And when we reach the end...
Take my hand.
And the wind will whisper our story
To others, just waiting to uncover what love is.