domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

My Last Lullaby (30/08/2009)

I’m sleeping in my bed,
I listen to a voice
Which calls to me.
Don’t know if it’s a hallucination,
But it feels kind of good:

“Hear this song.
Embrace these lines
Which soar with my breathing…

Follow the breeze as she passes trough your skin
Just like a butterfly
Whose free spirit is dyed

Little broken heart,
Your time is yet to come
Listen to this chant,
This is my last lullaby.

We can leave the pain behind!

I promise you nothing,
But if you just look at the moon,
You’ll understand.

Such darkness around her, and yet
The light she reveals
Are able to clarify the streets at night.

We can be strong!

I now,
You were broken hearted
To many times.
I’ve come for you, my angel
I have waited patiently for your rebirth.

That’s why I sing to you…
Over and over again,
This lullaby.”

Waking up next morning,
I have this flame within
My heart is burning wild
However, it can’t harm me,
It’s just my spirit
It’s alive again!

As I sing now, my last lullaby.

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Your Body (09/08/2009)

I'm going to tell you how I feel
When I stare at you...

You have something in your eyes,
That really captivates me..
Maybe it’s the way they glow,
Maybe it’s your iris colour.
They make me remind a vast wasteland
That I need to be vanished in..

You have something in your skin,
That really makes me lay a hand on..
Want to sense it.
Such splendour in a body.
I like the way you express yourself with it.
And I do get pleasure from reading it.

You have something in your lips,
That really makes me delusional..
I love the way you smile.
Suddenly I feel such need for it..
I can't take my eyes of it!
And it’s contagious, you know?
It’s good.

Don't you ever lose those lines.
Those precious moves,
Cause I like watching it...
I like examine it,
Don't take that away from me.

You’re a book,
I'm yet to understand.