domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Your Body (09/08/2009)

I'm going to tell you how I feel
When I stare at you...

You have something in your eyes,
That really captivates me..
Maybe it’s the way they glow,
Maybe it’s your iris colour.
They make me remind a vast wasteland
That I need to be vanished in..

You have something in your skin,
That really makes me lay a hand on..
Want to sense it.
Such splendour in a body.
I like the way you express yourself with it.
And I do get pleasure from reading it.

You have something in your lips,
That really makes me delusional..
I love the way you smile.
Suddenly I feel such need for it..
I can't take my eyes of it!
And it’s contagious, you know?
It’s good.

Don't you ever lose those lines.
Those precious moves,
Cause I like watching it...
I like examine it,
Don't take that away from me.

You’re a book,
I'm yet to understand.

1 comentário:

  1. gosto do texto :D ao ler estou a imaginar cada palavra.. cada acto.. cada gesto..

    ..that skin calls by you?

    Gosto do texto .. da a ideia de desejo.. estou certo? alias gosto de todos os teus textos :D

    Adoro.te <3