sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

I Got A Felling (19/09/2009)

I got a feeling I don’t belong in this world,
Can’t be myself in it.

I got a feeling,
I'm a bit better than this.
I just can't plant a mask like everyone else does.

I can't pretend I am what I'm not
I can't pretend I am someone always kind,
Always care,
Just like you.

I'm dirty,
I'm ugly,
I'm fat,
I'm arrogant,
I'm rude.
I'm what I am.

I got a feeling,
That I just can't live here,
Among all those people,

This world is a Masquerade Party.
I got to be strong.

I will not just pretend, because I
Simply can't.

And how can you?
How can you?

I watch them all day,
And every time I do
I feel a little more out from this world.

There are some heroes I must say.
In this poor world,
There are special ones.

But I got a feeling I must go,
Cause this world is not for me.

I just can't handle this anymore,
I'm singing my last hopes,
I'm singing my heart for you,
Cause I'm breaking up inside.

When will I find the glue?
The truth hope for me.

I can finally fit in,
With all those people who I don’t recognize.

They can't find the words to say,
What is, truth?
What is, trust?
What is, real?!

I'm losing myself with them,
Sometimes even I can't find those words.
The meanings I’m forgetting,
The feelings I’m regretting.

I got a feeling I,
Don't belong here!