segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Follow Me (24/05/2010)

It rains...
I run outside to feel the rain on my crust
Deep inside, I know,
You're the one touching me...

Every drop I sense on my face
Feels like your hands caressing me..
But soon, the light that involves my eyes,
Turns into tears..

Now I'm crying in the rain
And no one seems to notice.
Cause the rain won't let them to.

I'm freaking out.
I want to run far from this alley
But the smell of your skin holds me back
This bittersweet scent
I can't struggle..

When I feel me falling thought my darkest dreams
Of my past,
The wind comes to break my fall..

There I am,
Guided by your natural world.
Every time something holds me back,
You're there to pick me up.
and That's how I know you'll always be there.

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