quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Ghost Of You (02/11/2009)

I saw this black figure…
From the moment I laid my eyes on it,
I couldn’t take them anymore.
Temperatures rising,
My heart is whipping so fast.
I long for it.

I’m confused with these feelings I’m having.
It felt like something was dragging me,
Something stronger,
Bigger than me!

I can’t stop myself.

I’m breaking apart,
Just from looking at it
How can this be?

I whisper lofty as I think I’m going crazy.
Close my eyes while the sun
Touches my skin.
But my mind is still focus on that gloomy essence.

It looks so unsafe,
So not attracted
But I still wish for it, a lot!

Oh god, I think I’m going crazy.
My past hunts me so,
Since That Moment.

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