quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

You Raise Me Up ( 04/11/2009)

You raise me up
High, high in the sky.

Making me dream,
Without falling.
Making me trust,
Without crawling.

Mistakes are left behind
A new life we’re just begun,
As now we are one.

You raise me up
High, high in the mountain.

Making me smile,
Without pretending.
Making me laugh,
Without silence.

My heart was a living wound
Its blood, ice cold!
When a knife cut trough my chest
Placed by someone I loved.

You raise me up
So high.

Making me fly,
Without wings.

I would like to stay up here with you.

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  1. wow simplesmente lindooooooooooooooo :) tas la menina :)

    beijokas e continua :)