sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

Stronger (17/12/2009)

Looking at the left
Starring at the right,
Can't decide myself
Which course should I take.

Then I think for myself,
Why change?

I could be this naive girl,
Who knows zero about this world,
But then, wouldn’t I be just, thick?
Wouldn’t I seem similar to those girls
Whose voices you hear across the avenue,
Trying to get attention from one and all?

I like to be me,
I like to think for myself,
I like to feel this world is not mine to take.
I love to have my own,
I love to be aware that I’m different.

Each day, I found myself
In this never-ending battle,
And each time I'm done with it,
I know it's true, I really am strong,
Stronger each day.

A smile is born thought my lips,
And I say:
There's another day to come.

1 comentário:

  1. estou muito triste contigo menina, da ultima vez disseste-me que ia ser em Português :S mas quanto ao texto em sim está lindo :) para quando um livro menina????? there´s another day to come, and much will come :)

    beijo para sim menina :)