segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Embrace Me (08/02/2010)

Take me as yours.
Let’s survive in this world as one,
Just you and me, my angel.

Wherever the river flows
I want you swimming by my side.
Waves won't stop us,
Waterfalls won't separate us.

My golden wings will let the sun shine on us
Yours, that are silver, will light our way in the darkness.

I was falling for so long
I couldn’t even remember the colour of a beating heart.
Thump-Thump is now back,
Feels like a fever on my skin.
So hot, so satisfying.

Hold your arms around me,
Keep me warm,
To drag me away from this ice war I've been living.

Fly away with me.
Where we'll be together, eternally.

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