sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

Every Me And Every You (13/05/2009)

I try not to miss you so much,
But my heart isn’t able to obey me.
Why do I hurt myself?
Why do I like being mistreated?

Another dream I had tonight.
I was so vanished,
Again, so lost.

I lie in my bed waiting for a reaction
Not a hint..
I just stare at the wall
Thinking "Why?"

I embrace myself
I hold my knees so firm.
I'm so afraid of what I’m feeling.
My body wasn’t used to this pain anymore!

I’m shivering,
Not freezing,

I don’t want to feel this over again,
Please stop this madness
In my head!

I really want to fight against this sorrow
I want to be happy just like once
No memories pushing me back.

But I’m not that strong.
My mind is every me and every you!

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