sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

You And Me (08/05/2009)

We’re walking side by side
Strong feelings in our hearts.
Just you and me,
Nothing else matters…

You smiled at me,
All bad things just ran away
I can’t think of the very last instance
I’ve felt so alive!

This doesn’t make any sense,
At all.

I disregard of all my problems,
And my reason it’s just you!
Only you..

And I just want to be there,
Next to you.
To embrace you.
Like a baby holds his blanket tight,
Because he’s terrified of losing it..

You’re not only my guardian
In this murky world.
You’re my best friend,
You’re my universe!

I dream of you and me.
Dreams are always supposed to be
About the things we desire the most!

Once I wake up
I realize,
I’m already in one,
And you will be next to me,

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