quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Click (25/04/2008)

I hear my teacher talking.
Trying to teach me a way to live
But the secrets of life
Are left for me to find…

I watch her explaining things
That I would never appreciate
Because, suddenly,
I’m just not there anymore..

I forget where I am
To focus myself on you!

I’m wondering where you are
I’m wondering if you think of me..
I’m wondering if you’re ok.

At the same time,
I look outside the glass
And I watch the life out there
I wish I could just “click”
And make time stop
Because, for me, it did!

I start thinking about the first time I saw you!
When I saw you’re beautiful eyes,
That made me fall once again
That made me remind those days..
Days that I’ll never ever leave behind

Do you realize
That I’m missing you?

How much I wish that night never end
For the reason that everytime I looked at you
I reminded that you had to go away…

How I wish that moment never came..

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