quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

That Moment (30/04/2009)

We all know
How it feels like
To feel our body melting away.

Feeling that this little act
It's strong enough to bring
Someone to life!

I know how it is..
To feel my knees trembling
Just because I saw that someone special!
Unique, exceptional.
That’s how you made me feel!

It's been so long..
Many long..

So sweet,
So innocent,
So full of hopes..

Your eyes,
They can look right thought me
And I sense they want to read my mind,
So you can understand what I'm feeling.

It doesn't really matter what I feel now.
But I know you've saw me within,
You experience what I felt
Every time I stand watching you
Like soul mates!

We thought we could, in no way be spaced out.
At the time I couldn't even imagine
What would occur to me
If suddenly you've lost your smile!

My light,
In my elderly, broken,
And sinister world!

Do you remember?
You saved me that day, that moment..
When we became one..

I remember..
And I try to be strong enough.
I try to look physically/psychologically powerful
So you can't watch me falling apart!
And, as a result, I can perceive your smile..

So, don't be troubled,
Be pleased!

Just don’t let our moments die!

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  1. tenho pena de ñ conhecer



  2. gosto tanto dos teus textos linda.. consigo sentir o k keres transmitir... é como se esta mensagem fosse escrita para mim =D