quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Goodbye Hurts (09/09/2007)

From the moment we met
I could see that there was something between us..
I saw something in your eyes..
That special feeling…
And I realize…
That moment was meant to be..
It was destiny’s hand…

And now..
Sitting in my room,
I stare at the night sky..
Listening the rain whipping against the glass..
Thinking of you…

Boy, if I had one wish…
I would ask to the moon..
To do whatever it takes..
- Move planets, stars, or turn the universe around,
To mess with cosmos… -
Something that comes from the bottom of my heart:

I’m wishing you never leave...
I hope you stay by my side for a life time,
Could you help the stars?
Could you help them to make my wish come true?
I don’t want you to go away..
I know I’ll cry for every second that you’re gone…

I lie in my bed thinking how you make me feel..
And suddenly I’m frozen…
Frightened by the thought of losing you..

Goodbye hurts..
So don’t tell me you’re going to fade away!
Don’t tell me your leaving..
Because when that moment arrives
I’ll lose not only a friend…
But a shoulder I know I can cry on...

So I look once more to the sky…
I imagine your face
And I can almost touch you..
I see you looking at me
Enjoying this special feeling
And I feel safe…
Because I know you’re there for me
I feel it in my skin..

You made me feel special!
So, I hope that day never comes..
I don’t want to say goodbye..

I’m here..
I’m unable to let go..

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