quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Something Wasn't Right (21/10/2007)

Something wasn't right...
I could tell by the way you act
That's when I realize...
I knew a beautiful liar...

You say you cry day after day because you love me
Because you wanted to be by my side..
I couldn’t tell you the same..
My love was not for you!
Because I felt that something wasn’t right
And I found out why...

What kind of life are you living?!
She says she love you
And you tell her "Me too"..
But deep inside,
You know that you’re living two lives!
She doesn’t know who are you..
How can she love you?

Is that what you call love?
You really don’t know the meaning of that word..
It’s not just a word!
And you joke about it..
Every day..
Playing hearts...

She lies on her bed thinking how you make her feel...
But that feeling doesn’t exist!
You lie, and you lie..
And you lie again..
You lie for living!
You lie, thinking that’s true!

Something wasn’t right...
And just one person,
Can change that...
Just one soul
Can change it all!

Stop lying..
Stop this suffer...
Born as a new person...

She's waiting for the truth...

You cant change the past..
But you can change the future...

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