quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Survivor (11/09/2007)

If you run, I'm going to catch you
If you fall, I'm going to jump too
But if you lie, I'm going to show you
That in the end
I'm the one who survives!!

Don’t get me wrong!
I like you..
I really do..
It’s just that …
I can’t love you!

But you can’t ignore me
You shouldn’t!!
I'm warning you,
I'm not alive,
But I can haunt you
I'm a survivor

You tried to kill me once
You tried to kill me twice
But now
I'm the once who's laughing at you!
And I know
That you can hear me
Whispering your name!

You can run
But you can’t hide
Wherever you are
I will find you

I cursed the day that you said you loved me
You tried to send me to heaven
Now I turn your life into hell!
Honey, I’m a survivor!!

Now I can feel your regret,
Your sorrow...
I hear you call my name
You know I will haunt you till the end
Because no matter what..
I'm a survivor

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