quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Nightingale (24/03/2008)

Here I am
Just another day
Sitting in this room
Staring at the rain
Imagining how is it to fly
How is it to set my spirit free..

I look up to the sky
And I see it coming..
It lands safely by the moon
Singing for the stars
Shaking the trees and green lands
Just next that blue lagoon
Whose crystals shines
Like the tear that falls along my face
(I could wear a mask but everyone would see!)

So beautiful…

My god, how can it sing?
With the spirit so free
With the soul so calm, so cheerful..

I find myself sweetly buried in his song..
I can’t help it, it feels so warm..
Could this be its very last song?
I don’t wish for it to end…

I want to go beyond this window...
And tell the nightingale to teach me how to sing
I want to learn how to free my soul..
Because I don’t have the wings to fly..

I don’t want to stay trapped in this cage anymore..
I want to say this prison “Let me go!”
Help me to release this darkness in my essence..
My heart tells me that this is not only a night wish..
This is a desire, a need that’s inside of me..

Why does he sing?
That answer is the one that would set me free..
My sweet nightingale..
Teach me to say goodbye..You’re my key to freedom!

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